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  • Refreshing Our Web Presence!
    We are revamping, refreshing, and updating our web presence with the help of a Master Gardener Volunteer! We will be updating our social media more frequently, posting new events across multiple platforms and we have a new email address!
  • Updated Safety Practices for Covid-19
    Four Seasons City Farms asks that you respect all applicable federal, state and local mask mandates and that you practice social distancing. Please wear a mask and be sure that it is correctly fitted, covering both your nose and mouth. Let’s keep each other safe and healthy!
  • Harvest Season Community Bonfire
    Thank you so much to everyone who came to our last bonfire! We appreciate your generosity so much. Your donations of food, beverages, time and great conversation were appreciated to the fullest and it always feels great to come together with our community. Special thanks (as always) to Daniel for all his hard work to Read More …

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